Monday, March 30, 2009

In trouble

Lucas wasn't listening to me so I put him in the corner. Apparently, he has been there before because he didn't try to fight his way out. He screamed the whole time and Jon wanted to know how long I was going to leave him there. I only kept him there for a few minutes.


Dawn said...

Is that you or Jon he is acting like??

Anonymous said...

Ask Jon how many times he stood in the corner ;-) But he was so darn cute Sara couldn't make him stay there long!!


Mariah said...

i think it's sally she was always in trouble mom said haha! that is actually a cute picture even if he is in trouble! :) we got him a dora dvd when he was sick i will give it to you this weekend if you are still coming!

Anonymous said...

What a big meany! How can you look at that sweet little face and then make him stand in the corner. Ha Ha It's probably just the Stiens coming out in him! :)


Gramma said...

Well, isn't that cute! Jon would have asked if you wanted a "knuckle sandwiche" if you upset him :-)

See you this weekend (maybe)

Love Gramma and Grandad