Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We celebrated Easter in Maryville with my family and Jon's family. I wasn't going to get Lucas anything because he really doesn't understand, but everyone had such a fit that I bought him a non-traditional basket and a few gifts. He sort of went through the basket Easter morning but didn't get too excited. Jon and I also got him his very own vacuum. He is constantly trying to get ours out of the closet so I decided this would be a good toy for him. It has been hours of entertainment for him. He still tries to help me when I do the real vacuuming.

Also during Easter we helped Sammy celebrate his 1st birthday. He received lots of fun gifts and had a great time "smashing" his cake. Lucas was interested in all the neat toys Sammy got.

Last weekend Lucas and I left Jon in Jefferson City and we headed back to Maryville for Andrea's Bridal Shower. I decided not to take Lucas to the shower only because it would have been too much for him. Everyone was disappointed that I didn't bring him. After the shower, I headed back to Mom and Dad Duff's to pick up Lucas, well when I got there, no one was around. But it wasn't long before they came back. Apparently Lucas didn't want Granddad to leave to go pick up lunch so they all had to go. Lucas sure loves his Grandpas! Earlier that day, Lucas was throwing a fit when my Dad left to go have coffee at Coop. Later in the afternoon we went to visit John, Patty, Andrea and Richie. Andrea and I went to Wal-Mart and I bought Lucas a potty chair. He has been pretty interested in the potty for a few weeks so I went ahead and bought one. He sits on it but nothing ever happens. I guess that's ok as long as he's getting used to the whole idea. We then went back to my parent's house to play some Wii. Lucas is really getting into watching and mimicking us while we play.

This week has gone by fast. I took Lucas to the doctor b/c he's had a cold for about 12 days and nothing seems to be helping. The doctor asked if Lucas had a nebulizer, which he didn't. He said Lucas was wheezing so the nebulizer should help. Now we are doing breathing treatments 4 times a day, plus antibiotic for 5 days. It's easiest if we let Lucas hold the breathing apparatus then us try to hold it. That should pretty much get you caught up. Sorry it has been so long.

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