Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another bruise...

Lucas wiped out last night on the kitchen floor. He was trying to run and watch cartoons but tripped over the chair. All I heard was the "splat" on the floor and then the crying began. I consoled him and he when he lifted his head blood was coming from his nose. I also checked all the teeth to make sure they weren't loose. This morning he woke up with a nice bruise on his forehead. Coordination is something he doesn't have and now I know why. Tonight I took a cardiobox class when one of the girls from the bank. I have no rhythm or coordination. It was pretty funny! I will do the class again, it was a good workout.
We finally decided to get a gate so that Lucas couldn't get back to the bedrooms or bathroom. I must say that it has made things much easier. He bothered the gate at first but now he really doesn't seem to care about it.

Well, off to finish Lucas' Valentine's. Have a good rest of the week.