Saturday, August 29, 2009

Evil Knievel??

Jon bought Lucas a tricycle at Hy-vee for $5 last week and what is the first thing Lucas does? He stands on it instead of sitting. His little legs are too short to reach the pedals but he can still make it go. Another new thing he is trying out is jumping off furniture. I'm not too fond of him jumping off the recliner or couch or even standing on it for that matter. This afternoon he was playing in his room and screaming "jump". Jon went to check on him and he was jumping of his bed. Lucas then yelled for me to come and jump off the bed. Oh do we have our hands full. We hope everyone is having a good weekend. See everyone next weekend!


Jenny said...

1-2 JUMP!

Lucas "Bubba" Duff said...

Gotta love it!

Gramma/Grandad said...

How cute -- and yes you are going to have your hands full! But in a sweet, cute way! 1-2-3- Jump!