Sunday, August 9, 2009


Last weekend Mom, Lindsay and Grant came down for a visit. We had tons of fun shopping, visiting and hanging out. Grant and Lucas played together which doesn't happen very often and that was fun. Grant pulled pretty much every toy of Lucas' out of his room and put it in the living room. The boys had fun chasing each other, talking and fighting.
This week Jon's parents will be at the lake because George has a conference. We will be spending time with them on Wednesday and then again on Friday. Cole will also be with them for the week. So more cousin play time. Friday evening, Mariah and Michael will be here. We are going to go swimming, enjoy some of the festivities at the State Fair and probably just hang. We will have a jam packed week but that's ok.

Another thing that happened this week with Lucas is he has been telling me when he is poopy. The other morning our conversation went like this:

Lucas: Mommy, I smell.
Mommy: You what?
Lucas: I smell.
Mommy: Oh, you smell. Are you poopy?
Lucas: Yes, I poopy.
Mommy: Let's go change your pants.
Lucas: Ok.

And then he runs into his bedroom. So to all of those Mom's who have been through the potty training stage, do I need to start??

That's pretty much it for us. We hope everyone has had a good weekend and that this week will be much cooler. We hope to see everyone soon.
PS I have also uploaded a video of Lucas and I singing one of the Blue's Clues songs. It's one of his favorites.


Megan said...

So cute. Had to watch it twice. First time I was too busy laughing at him slamming his head into the chair! Poor baby!

Mariah said...

okay so the end caught me off guard when he just bellows mail really loud... maybe it's his favorite part:)

Lucas "Bubba" Duff said...

The mail part is his favorite part. And yes, the slamming of his head is pretty funny. He's such a dork sometimes.

Sammy, Cooper, Noelle, & Jeff said...

Sammy enjoyed watching his Cousin Lucas! :)