Friday, August 21, 2009

Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Big Surf, MO State Fair and so much more

Last weekend was busy for the Duff's. Jon and I both had Friday off so we went down to the lake to spend a couple of days with Jon's parents and Cole. Friday morning we went to Ha Ha Tonka State Park to see the Castle Ruins and Natural Bridge. Both were unbelievable sites. It's definitely a place I'd like to go back to. Then that afternoon we took the boys to Big Surf Water park. The boys had a BLAST and I think the adults did too. It was a very relaxing afternoon. The park wasn't too crowded and there was a lot to do. Jon and I even did a few water slides. There was a kids pool and Lucas and Cole probably went down the slide 50 times. They had so much fun together.

Friday night Mariah and Michael arrived at our apartment to spend the weekend. We played the Wii for quite awhile before going to bed. Saturday we got ourselves around and headed to Sedalia to the state fair. I've only been once and that's when I was a kid. The weather was a little hotter Saturday and it was hard to find any exhibits with air conditioning. Luckily, the Children's Center was air conditioned so we let Lucas play for awhile. We also decided to let Lucas ride some of the rides. He loves them so much and is so impatient when waiting for them to begin. He probably only rode 6 rides before the tantrum began. He was so tired and hot and was ready to go. Good thing because it started to rain as we were driving out of Sedalia.

Sunday Jon had to work so Mariah, Michael, Lucas and I went shopping for some new tennis shoes for Lucas. We found a pair at Kohl's. Mariah and Michael wanted to get back early so they left around 1. All in all we had a good weekend with everyone.

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