Monday, December 8, 2008

Last post on "Family Guy"

I swear this is the last post about "Family Guy". We finally got Lucas on video during the theme song to "Family Guy". He gets so excited and I think he ia almost singing along during some parts. Jon and I are trying to decide when it's a good time to stop letting him watch the show. It can get pretty bad. I don't think it's done too much damage yet. : ) You may have to turn up your volume to hear everything.


Three Diggs & Two Dogs said...

That is hilairous, he is such a funny boy. Miss you guys see you later.

Gramma and Grandad said...

We agree -- this is hilairous! Grandad thinks you should send it in to America's Funniest Videos. I guess he won't humor gramma anymore with Itsy Bitsy Spider!


Gramma and Grandad

Jenny said...


The Davisons said...

I LOVE IT!!! Lucas has excellent taste! I think we should start Charlotte watching "Family Guy" right away! It is probably bad enough that I took her out of the car at daycare the other day and "F@#k the Police" was on the CD player! So don't feel bad about giving your child questionable influences :)