Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ear infection and croup

It all started Sunday with sneezing. From there it turned into a bad cough and a runny nose. I decided to take him to the doctor on Tuesday b/c the cough wasn't getting any better. Needless to say I wasn't expecting an ear infection out of the visit. Apparently, Lucas lost the tube in his right ear and it was pretty infected. So he's on antibiotics for 5 days. We decided to take to the ER on Tuesday night b/c his breathing wasn't right. There was a lot of wheezing going on. The ER doctor heard him cough a few times and knew right away it was croup. For those who don't know what croup is, it's an inflammation of the voice box caused by a viral infection. It causes a bark like cough and is worse a night. We're not sure where Lucas got it but he sure does have a good case of it. He stayed home from daycare yesterday and today. From what I've been told he is now more susceptible to croup. Lucky us.
Jefferson City isn't supposed to have the ice like those in Maryville, Kansas City or Ottawa, IL. We are experiencing rain right now and the temp is supposed to get to 45 by midnight.

Not much else it going on. We're trying to get ready for Christmas like most everyone else.


Gramma said...

Looks like someone is feeling better! Good for him. We got enough ice for all of us:-)
Love Gramma and Grandad

Mariah said...

hope little man feels better soon! We did not have school today which means I am on Xmas vacation! That is rather exciting :) but i gtg got to finish my paper before midnight ha and it is probly going to take me all day! see ya later love ya :)

Kenneth Braden Riedinger said...

Sally, I'm so sorry about Lucas. It's terrible when they get sick b/c you feel soooo helpless. Braden just got over his first cold. Colds really aren't that bad, but it made my very independent guy want to cuddle a lot and whine, whine, WHINE! My heart goes out to you! I'm praying for a speedy recovery!

Jenny said...

Cole had that once. Makes my throat hurt thinking about it. We haven't had any problems since they took out his tonsils. They were so big his ears couldn't drain properly.

We got the ice also. It was so much that you could walk on top of the 5in of snow and not break through!

Mariah......nothing like waiting until the last minute to finish a paper? I did some of my best work 2 hours before class. lol.

Mariah said...

yes i have a little thing called procrastination ha! I got it finished though :) ha Merry Christmas!