Monday, December 1, 2008

Another busy weekend

We went home for Thanksgiving on Thursday. We spent the weekend with family and friends. Jon and I had to move stuff out of the house and in to storage b/c we got our house rented...yeah!! That consumed most of our morning and afternoon on Friday. We had Thanksgiving supper at the Henggelers and then Jon and I went to our 11th Annual Thanksgiving Campout. The fire was nice and so was the beer. : ) Lucas stayed with my parents and helped put up the Christmas Tree. He did such a good job. Saturday we spent most of the day visiting grandparents. That evening we had Thanksgiving supper with the Stiens family. Sunday was another day of visiting friends and family. Lucas had lunch with Aunt Laura, Uncle Chris, Aunt DeAnn and cousin Charlotte at Carson's. This was the first time he ordered off the "Kiddie Menu". He followed in his Daddy's footsteps and had macaroni and cheese. Sunday evening we met Andrea and Richie in Liberty for my birthday. Lucas again ordered off the "Kiddie Menu" and had grilled cheese and mandarin oranges. He wasn't too fond of the oranges. We arrived back in Jeff City around 9:30 pm. We all slept through the night...yeah!!! It was good seeing everyone this past weekend. We can't wait to do it all again.


Gramma said...

Hope Lucas is feeling better. We enjoyed watching him walk/run through the house.
Love Gramma and Grandad

Mariah said...

what a ham! :) ha see you sat. Love ya!

Uncle Dave said...

Hey, Lucas. Your Gramma told me about your blog last night. Now I have three to check in the morning before I go to work. I love getting to see all three boys grow up. Technology is great! I'm glad you're going to be a "deese" eater like your daddy. I will try to get you into the green stuff before it's too late. Vegetable was a bad word around your daddy and now he sells them. Go figure.