Saturday, January 24, 2009

New milestones

Jon and I always keep the bedroom and bathroom doors shut because Lucas tends to get into things he's not supposed to. While I was in the shower this morning Lucas was playing in the cabinets, playing with my brush, pretty much the normal things he does while I'm in the shower. I was washing my face and heard one of his bath toys clank in the tub. I turn around and there he is, in the tub with me, clothes and all. I will never be able to shower by myself again. In our hallway we have two smaller closets. He's been trying to open them pretty much since we moved in, well now he can get them open. I'm going to have to take Gramma's advice and put a gate up in the hallway so he can't get back there anymore. Oh the ever exploring mind of a 15 month old.


Mariah said...

that is a good one haha! what a dork takes after his mother haha! Glad you guys had a good time at playtime today :)

Jenny said...

Ah the age of the family goes on forever.