Sunday, January 11, 2009

New hat and DVD player

Mariah, Michael, Lucas and I went shopping in Columbia over the weekend. We made a stop at Bass Pro and found Lucas the cutest hat. He didn't seem to mind wearing it around the store so I went ahead and bought it. This is really the first hat he will keep on his head. It's pretty much a fight every morning to keep the stocking cap on.
Jon and I had been looking at portable DVD players for Lucas for quite awhile but could never decide on one. For Christmas Lucas received one as a gift, thank you John and Patty! It's been a great thing for the car and it's the perfect size for him. He LOVES it! Now I need to get some more cartoons for him to watch. I'm getting pretty tired of "The Backyardagains and Max & Ruby".


Gramma said...

So he is going to walk around and watch his own movies! Maybe grandad will let him check out some of our movies:-) The hat is him -- we love it!

Love Gramma and Grandad

Anonymous said...

Please don't buy him any "Family Guy" DVDs.