Sunday, September 20, 2009


Lucas' newest thing is dressing up as Superman and running through the house. I thought about making him a Superman costume for Halloween and Jon laughed at me. I'd be better off buying the costume, at least it would look like the real thing.
There hasn't been much going on here. At work we started the Biggest Loser again. It's going to be an 8 week ordeal and I'm excited to see what I can do this round. I kind of fell off the wagon after the last time. I've been to the gym a few times this week and can tell I haven't been to the gym since probably May or June. That's pretty much it. We are very boring people so not much to blog about. So, have a good week!


Gramma said...

What a cute Superman -- at least that looks better than the tea towel I had on him last weekend :-) I bet you could make him a Superman outfit! Jon is just jealous because he had to be a bunny for two years straight when he was that age :-)

Love Gramma and Grandad

Anonymous said...

But Jon was such a cute bunny, even when he lost his tail!!! That is so cute but I'm really glad I don't live downstairs from you guys!


Lucas "Bubba" Duff said...

Luckily we are on the bottom level.

Mariah said...

That explains A LOT with Jon! :)

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