Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drainage + Losing a Tube = Ear Infection

Well it's been almost a year since Lucas had his tubes put in his ears. Last Tuesday his ear started to drain and would not stop. It was almost like his ear was a leaky faucet. Jon picked Lucas up from daycare on Wednesday and noticed a small black thing on the inside of his ear, yep it was his tube. Thursday we were scheduled to visit the ENT but they called and had to cancel. I was still concerned about his ear and the drainage so I made Lucas an appt with his regular doctor. It was ear infection. Now Lucas is on antibiotics for 10 days and we are going to see the ENT this Thursday. Wish us luck.
Michael and Mariah came down for a visit over the weekend. Lucas was so excited to see them and us too. I had to work til noon on Saturday but that didn't stop us from having a jam packed afternoon and evening. We met Andrea, Patty and Jayme at Osage Beach for some shopping. It was a good time. Sunday, Jon had to work so it was up to me to entertain Mike and Mariah. I had to go to Target and Mariah wanted to go to the Mall. We stopped for some lunch and headed back home. Jon didn't work too late Sunday so we went to the park that afternoon. The weather was perfect for park time. Lucas fell and scraped his knee again. I guess he's not coordinated enough to run on concrete yet.

I hope everyone has a good week. I'm hoping we can make a trip to Maryville soon.


Uncle Dave said...

Poor little guy. Ear aches are no fun. I just got home from Jeff City. Sorry I didn't have time to contact you this time. we got in late Monday night and left right after the meetings today. I'll try to make connections next time.

Abby said...

That's just gross. I had no idea that ears could even drain that way...?? Poor guy, hope all goes well at the DR and he's feeling better soon. Loved all the pictures, he's so adorable!

Gramma said...

Hopefully the trip to the doctor today helped. Looks like someone likes playing at the park.

Love Gramma and Grandad